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Bio for Dr. Katariina Rosenblatt, LL.M, PhD
Katariina has a personal story of human trafficking from the time she was just 13 years of age to 17. Throughout her early life, she experienced several separate trafficking scenarios; recruited through a friend in her middle school to more organized crime trafficking rings. All of her experiences centered in the metropolitan area of Miami, FL. After escaping trafficking and drug addiction, she went on to experience teen pregnancy followed by a twenty year abusive relationship. With so many triumphs over unbeatable obstacles, Katariina is now a much sought after speaker and trainer in the areas of human trafficking and domestic violence as well as an inspiration to many women all over the world. She has provided expert witness testimony on human trafficking cases in Florida, testified before the Florida legislature, and provided testimony in Congressional briefings on Capitol Hill related to human trafficking in Washington, D.C. Alongside Florida Governor Rick Scott, she has also provided testimony to the importance of stopping human trafficking in her state at bill signings and continues to work closely alongside state and federal legislative bodies on the issue. Her life and her story are on display in the National Museum for Civil Rights in Atlanta, Ga. She is part of the Federal Speaker’s Bureau for (OVC) as well as a featured speaker at the National Survivor Leader Forum in Washington, DC, January, 2016 where only a few selected survivor leaders are chosen annually to speak to every federal agency through the Office of Victims of Crime on the issue of human trafficking nationwide. As well, Kat has spoken on the topic before several federal agencies such as the Dept. of Justice, the State Dept., the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the Dept. of HUD and the White House on human trafficking. She is a long time member and is on the speaker’s bureau of the (NSN) National Survivor’s Network through CASTE, LA. She has ongoing speaking engagements on the issues of domestic abuse and human trafficking to universities & schools, law enforcement, public defenders/prosecutor’s offices, juvenile justice centers, the medical profession as well as to the travel & tourism industry. She has also been a guest speaker and lecturer on several nationwide college campuses, radio and t.v. programs as well as at several international conferences and TV programs on human trafficking. Her story has been covered worldwide from local news NBC6, WPLG Channel 10, the Sun Sentinel Newspaper, and Miami Herald to being nationally recognized on the cover of Christianity Today’s Christian Woman’s Magazine, World Vision, CNN, Telemundo, AmeriTeve, and Dr. Dobson’s Family Talk & More!

Katariina holds an LL.M. (Masters of Law) degree from St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami where she got her start in activism against human trafficking, there she was on the inaugural law review for human trafficking in 2005 then on Child Soldiering in 2006. Kat also holds a PhD with her dissertation entitled Trafficking in America – The Most Undetected Human Rights Violation of Our Time, published by Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014. Her memoirs, Stolen is published by Baker Publishing, 2014. Katariina has received training through GEMS in New York and is an accomplished author with published articles on domestic violence and human trafficking in such journals as The Family Violence Prevention Journal, Empulse Medical Journal and is in the US Encyclopedia. She is a former member of the Ad Hoc Committee for Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking for the State of Florida as the voice for the voiceless to help make a difference for legislation in the state of Florida to aid victims of human trafficking, called the Safe Harbor Act (enacted 2013), Kat has taught courses on Human Trafficking & Domestic Violence at Trinity International University & Palm Beach State College’s Law Enforcement Academy; and is asked regularly to work with and to consult on cases with local and federal law enforcement authorities across the nation such as the FBI & Dept. of Homeland Security. Kat is currently apart of several interagency task forces nationwide including: She sits as the Chair of the Survivor Empowerment & Advocacy Committee for the Miami Dade County Human Trafficking Coalition, she is a member of the South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force under the Dept. of Homeland Security, a member of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network Task Force, the federal task force for the Dept. of Health & Human Services in Washington, D.C. called S.O.A.R. where she will join federal agencies in developing identification tools to healthcare providers as well as social workers within the school system. Kat also served as the survivor liaison for the 11th Judicial Human Trafficking Task Force Court – G.R.A.C.E. Court, meeting the needs of juveniles involved in human trafficking (the first court of its kind in Florida).

She has also created several identification tools to aid law enforcement, public schools and social service providers to better serve and identify potential victims of human trafficking; such tools include her Human Trafficking Wheel and Youth Behavior Assessment Tool; approved and used in Miami Dade County schools & nationwide. Kat currently resides in Miami where she worked consulting with the government of Miami Dade County as a liaison for survivors of human trafficking in creating survivor to survivor leader & empowerment support groups & trainings to the community, law enforcement and building bridges across agencies by holding workshops on such topics as “How to Talk to a Survivor” giving voice to other survivors & meeting all populations of survivors of human trafficking; domestic and international as well as survivors of both sex and labor trafficking. Kat has also led survivor support groups for Kristi House in Miami to domestic minor female survivors of human trafficking. Kat has also founded a survivor to survivor first hand outreach and mentoring program called There Is H.O.P.E. For Me which is a 501c3 which provides her specialized brand of survivor leader mentoring and support nationwide.


“Hi Kat… I think of you and pray for you often…you came down to Homestead and spoke to our kids at  …Middle School a few months back.  You impacted our students in ways that you can never imagine…you changed a few lives while you were there. I can never forget you….”



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  1. JoAnne Solfest

    Hello, Ms.. Rosenblatt. My name is JoAnne and I am 18 years old. I read your book as an assignment for school due to our English unit focusing on biographies. In the beginning, I was not looking forward to trying to find a book for this unit but then I came across your book at the book store and I was immediately enticed. I finished “Stolen” very fast and I am so glad that I was able to read such a wonderful inspiring story as this. I am currently working on a paper for the book and I would just like to thank you for finding the courage to write and publish your story. Most of the other students in my class picked very famous people but your story is one that I think has truly made an impact. It deserves to be heard, and I can’t wait to share it. Thank you!

  2. Harold S. LEE

    Your Story Stolen That I have a just Finished last week has Compelled me To Get Involved with The Fight Against Child Trafficking So I’m Looking Into Ways To Get Involved.


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