DMST in Foster Care


What a Blessing to be able Thanksgiving gift cards to our young 16 year old ‘rescued one’ ¬†fresh out of jail & reunited with her family! Thanks to the DOJ, were able to deliver Hope just in time for Thanksgiving!

We helped rescue a young lady out of the life, she came to faith in Christ, got herself a job at a local Mall, and is studying for her GED.She is now a Mentor Survivor Leader who has begun her journey of telling her story and helping to make a difference in the lives of others within the foster care system.

We were called in to help stop vulnerable teens from running away, we saw 3 little girls pray to receive Jesus into their hearts, and are so happy to see that they no longer have a need to flee because they now have found peace in a real relationship with their Savior Jesus Christ. From Survivor to Survivor mentoring will continue there to stop trafficking and help build other girls up.