Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in Juvenile Detention Facilities

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We were so Blessed to be able to deliver Hope to one of our precious ‘rescued’ ones as she turned 18 in jail, awaiting her trafficking charges to be expunged under Florida’s new Safe Harbor Law!

Our January Outreach brought forth two new survivors to our program ages 14 & 15. Please pray for these special young ones, as we have had the privilege and honor to pray with them and build them up. We are now ministering to the parents of one of them.

A recent outreach surveyed: Out of all female juveniles incarcerated, 20% had been a victim of some form of domestic minor sex trafficking and were never previously reported or uncovered.

Stories by Survivors

Once I was afraid to even open my mouth, not once caring that my life was going south, and when I finally did, all I felt was pain. I never understood how much he would gain. Using me for a puppet in his sick little game. I never understood that my life wouldn’t be the same, until someone told me there was Hope for me, something I can finally see. It helps to know I’m not alone, that someone out there has been like me, almost to their breaking point afraid to make a sound. But to see them get back up well, to most that would astound. Though to me it seemed impossible until someone told me there was hope for me No matter where I am, some may see, some may not; it all depends on where you stand. Thank you Ms. Kat. –Bright Eyes 17 yrs. old

This program has helped me so much in facing my past and learning to cope with it. I don’t think I could have done it without There is Hope For Me and our wonderful leader, Miss Kat. Thanks so much! -Special 16 yrs. old
I appreciate how you take the time to come and work with us. It has been helping me a lot; I just wanted to let you know that! I am glad you care about us. I know that as long as I stay off drugs and stay away from those guys, I will be successful! Thank you so much! I appreciate everything – Amazing 17 yrs. old

6 years of struggle & I ‘m finally set free from pain, drugs & things you can’t even see on TV. Who would have known There’s Hope For Me? Life is a battle and you have no other choice but to fight, but what if you’re fighting for what’s not right? A life of prostitution and shooting up. Not looking for tomorrow and giving up. I knew something was out there but did not know what – And for me to find it, I had to get booked. Stuck…with no clue what to do. Upon my release, to the drugs I flew. Not knowing what else to do. trickin’ for money and being abused…Committed to a Program, who would have knew that it would open my open eyes to things brand new, If There’s Hope For Me, Why Not YOU? …Trust me on this There is Hope For You! Carry on and be strong, Have faith in God, He’ll make the pain disappear so you could move on. If There Is Hope For Me There is Hope For you, Thank you Miss Kat. I appreciate all you have done; you have helped me find what I have been looking for. The last step to change my life. I pray that you continue to help young girls. They need you, more than you could ever imagine. Thank you so much Love Always. – Precious 16 yrs. old